My New Toy

Finally got the my D750 back from Nikon.  In my view, Nikon did really well on the whole recall. They acknowledged it and took action. The turn around was quicker than I expected and Nikon picking up the shipping was nice too.  I know there were some negative comments and such about the defect. As always the Nikon bashing trolls will always be there. It's like some people feel that things like this should never happen.  Really? These are extremely complicated pieces of technology and I find it amazing that so few defects occur. 

Unfortunately, I have not had as much time to shoot as I would like.  I did visit a local botanical garden (nice warm place in the winter).  The shot I took where all hand held using a 105mm f2.8 Macro lens.  I really liked the quality of what I got.  By no means would any of them win awards, but the quality of the files were very pleasing.  This is the first full frame camera I have ever owned, and I love it so far.


First Race of the Year and This Happend

The new running year has begun for the Montgomery County Road Runners Club. January started with the annual New Years Day 5K. Had a good turn out despite the cold.

I got there early and started taking shots of the pre-race activities and the volunteers working hard. After some time I went out to find a good location to shoot the race.  I got some shots of runners as they passed 1K.  The light was pretty good so I stayed put and waited for the runners to return.  Runners started back and after about 10 minutes of shooting the camera stopped and as any fine photographer would, I exclaimed WTF! I furiously started checking every thing and wouldn't you know it the shutter was kaput. Thus ended the day.

Finally, my trusty D300 had worn out. She was good one. I put that her through a lot including a drop in the driveway one day.  All in all it was a good run, 5 years and over 150K frames.

So now what do I do? Do I get it repaired, buy a new one, or both? I decided to have it shipped to Nikon and have it checked out to see if the cost was reasonable. At the same time I started looking for a new camera.  So many choices out there these day.  After a little research, I decided to get a D750.  Thus far I really like it.  I have not experience the flare phenomenon that has been reported, but have not shot much with yet.

D750 report to follow....


A New Year, a New Start

The year 2015 has started, and long with it comes new hopes and goals. One of my goals is to get this site going and contribute regularly.  The other goal is to shoot more. Yeah, yeah heard that before.That's why I used the term goal and not resolution. Everyone knows resolutions fail far more than goals. So Mark get you ass in gear!